Car Detailing

Reasons to Detail Your Car at Ivan Gandrud Nissan

You may have heard about car detailing and wondered what exactly this service is and why it matters. And here at Ivan Gandrud Nissan, we believe that it is important to review the benefits of this maintenance process, along with the resources that our factory-trained service team can extend to help you keep your vehicle in prideful condition for many years to come.

A New Look and a Fresh Feel

De Pere and Howard drivers that are beginning to lose the initial allure of a shiny new vehicle will benefit from routine car detailing and all that it brings. Helping to give your vehicle a like-new appearance with washing and waxing, along with protected paint for a clean look, you can shine on the road years down the line with a commitment to this service option. Your interior can also smell fresh and look good, through protectant on both seats and rugs and a thorough clean by our technicians inside.

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Mitigating the Risks

Some damage risks that can be avoided by routine car detailing here at our service center in Green Bay include:

  • Paint chipping: Protecting your vehicle's paint with detailing can be important, as dents and chips can begin to take place over time. This leads to a look that you won't take pride in, along with potential body damage that is costly
  • Salt Erosion: Salt damage that can take place for seasonal driving can lead to chassis damage and body erosion. This can be avoided with detailing, cleaning up and protecting areas that may be at risk
  • Visibility: A thorough wax and wash can improve headlight and taillight visibility, which may begin to fade if not addressed over time
  • Wheel and Tire Damage: As you drive, oils and chemicals can build in your wheelbase and on your tires. These potential damaging factors can be addressed beforehand with a car detailing here in Green Bay